About the Beer

About the Beer

Goldcrest 51 Tacker Sign

Where you see this sign you’ll find Goldcrest 51 beer.

Goldcrest 51 Beer is a craft-brewed lager, based on the original recipe from the early 20th century. Goldcrest 51 is a well-balanced golden lager, which is lightly hopped with Fuggle and Tradition hops.

Up to the early 1950’s, Goldcrest 51 beer was considered one of the most popular domestic lagers in the region. However, since the Memphis brewery closed in the 1950’s, many of the national beers have become watered down in order to mass produce in a cost effective matter. You’ll find that today’s Goldcrest 51 is pleasing to the palate to all types of beer enthusiasts.

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(4.9% ABV; 15 IBUs)